20 Equipment Required For Sanitaryware Laboratory

There are multiple Equipment and Tools are necessary for Sanitaryware laboratory to conduct day today testing and keep the parameters on check. These equipment & tool are essential for incoming Raw material check , Slip rheological properties checking, Glaze rheological properties, Casting departments condition, Kiln Temperature profile & final product properties testing.

Here is the list of Equipment & tools list required for Sanitaryware laboratory:


Equipment/Tool Image Remark
Torsion Viscometer To check Rheological property of Slip & glaze
Electrical Lab Dryer For Samples drying.
Water Absorption Machine To test water absorption of fired samples
Modulus of Rupture (MOR) machine: (Green And Fired) To check MOR of green and fired Samples
Vicat Apparatus To check Plaster of Paris properties.
Jar Mill To Grind lab samples of glaze.
Autoclave To check the crazing.
Weighing Scale For Checking weight for calculation.
Density Cup TO measure the density of slip & glaze.
Stop Watch To measure the time for thixo and other tests.
Thermometer To measure the Temperature of the slip.
Digital Vernier Caliper For checking Casting rate and other size measurements of samples.
TDS meter To check the Water
PH Meter To check the PH.
Residual Sieves To check residues in slip and Glaze. and to decide the unloading time.
Spectro photo Meter Check the color matching for the new batch of glaze.
Lab Stirrer To prepare samples and maintain the rheological properties.
Bullers Rings To check the heat work happened in the Kiln.
Sanitaryware Factory Lab Equipment & Tools List


These are basic Requirement of the Equipment and tolls in the sanitaryware production Process to control the sanitaryware defects.

Written by : Venkat Mani

Venkat Mani is a Ceramic Engineering Graduate from India, working in Sanitaryware production line for 15 years. He shares Meaningful content related to sanitaryware professionals that others find useful.

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