How To Start Sanitaryware Manufacturing Factory

In this article, we are going to see what are the points needed to consider when you want to start a sanitaryware manufacturing plant.

If you are planning to start a sanitary ware manufacturing plant, then you must know the following points to be successful.



Any project without the plan is not going to be effective. Every step in the project needs to be planned and documented properly. The plan for sanitary ware manufacturing plant should consider the capacity for initial stage and expandable stage, Cost, Resources required, product models, timeline and etc..

To become the best sanitaryware brand you need to make the planning first.


The first Point to discuss is planning of capacity. If you want to start a plant with a capacity of 100 pieces per day, that is not going to give any profit. The production cost will be 2 – times higher than the market.

A minimum of 500 pcs per day is what I can suggest. The more capacity you plan, more the profit.

Let me give a simple example; imagine you are operating a bus from point A to point B. The operating cost is fuel, the salary of the driver and attrition f bus. These three cost is almost the same as one passenger or 50 passengers. But when you have less than 10 passengers, you lose money. But when you have more than 10 passengers, you will get profit. So the passenger increases then the profit increases. So you need a minimum capacity to run the operating profitability.

So plan for a minimum 500 pcs per day capacity. If your plan is less than 500 Pcs per day, then I recommend trading the wares than producing on your own.

Erection cost

Once you decided the capacity, you can come to a rough estimation of plant erection cost. The cost of erection varies based on the technology you plan to adopt. And also depends upon how much automation you need. Automation increases the cost of erection.

In sanitaryware you can’t automate everything; you need labours to do many manual jobs.

And also all automation is not cost effective. It depends upon the location. In an intense labour location, the automation cost is not practical. You can produce products manually at less cost.

And location with high fuel availability and fewer labor resources can go for automation. So it depends on the site location.

I have worked in Saudi Arabia, where high-pressure casting machines are used for casting and robots are used for glazing. Because they don’t have greatly skilled labours, so it is valid for them. But in India, most plants do not handle pressure casting machine or robot for spraying, because, India having intense skilled labours. So it is cost effective for the Indian company.

Location is going to decide the machinery you are going to buy and the cost of erection.


How many models do you want to produce on the plant? The planning of the model is essential because the model development will take time. So once you plan the models, you can start the modelling work for new product development parallel with the erection. It is good, to begin with a minimum number of models in all section of sanitaryware like the toilet, cistern, basin, urinal, etc.

So once you decide the types of toilet, types of washbasin, and types of urinal you want to produce then start for model development.

You may also be able to consider buying the models directly from the individual modular who sells it. The time to get this model is more efficient than producing the new model. But the design will be the same as the product available in the current market.


From starting the plan to delivering the product to the market will take near to a year.

The first face will be planning and be getting the quote for everything. In the second face, initiating erection, model developments, body preparation and glaze preparations.

Next face will be trial production. The trial production includes casting, Kiln curve setup, etc.

The final face will be full swing production and be delivering the product to the market.

In this time it is good to start trading the product on your brand to have a customer base for your product in the market.


The location of the factory should be near to the Raw materials to avoid the cost of raw material transportation and also near to the primary high way to facilitate the delivery of the product to the market.

The raw material cost for sanitary ware industry is low, so the transportation cost also should be less to produce the products at low cost.

Other Points

If you are not trading the sanitary ware now, then consider start trading the sanitaryware on your brand name to understand the market. The key to success is to have customers before you start production. Visit this article to understand the Sanitaryware manufacturing process.

You need to have a technical consultant for the plant setup, planning and composition setup for body & glaze.

For starting the industry, you need to get permission for the factory from the government for that you need a legal consultant.

Free Technical Consulting

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Written by : Venkat Mani

Venkat Mani is a Ceramic Engineering Graduate from India, working in Sanitaryware production line for 15 years. He shares Meaningful content related to sanitaryware professionals that others find useful.

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In this article, we are going to see what are the points needed to consider when you want to start […]

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